Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Happiness is a tutu...

this is just a little something crossing my mind...

My girly is now 6 years old, now 6 for some girly's is when they are playing with Bratz dolls, indulging in High School Musical, obsessing over Hannah Montana, coveting their mini-me friends (or at least Suri Cruise's high heel shoes) they want IPods and DS's and even a mini bra as worn by one in girly's class!

But for me and my 6 year old girly there is still all the time in the world for that to happen, currently she is more than content, playing within the land of Sylvania, whirling & twirling in front of a mirror... disappearing with a packed lunch & a few well chosen essentials into fairy world (or the garden at least..) which leads me nicely to happiness... which Father Christmas will deliver this year in the form of a beautiful green (not Barbie pink) tutu, beautifully made, by Harriet a The Children's Jewellery Company whom I only happened to know about through the marvellous world that is Twitter!

Here is a photo of the lovely happiness inducing tutu (obviously not being worn... it has to go to Father Christmas for delivery on... errrm Christmas day)

I am 100% sure that this tutu & the accompanying fairy wings will be spending a huge amount of time (probably to the point of being worn out) adorning my daughter! They shall no doubt be integral to visits to fairyland, impromptu dance performances and more than likely a party of two.

The Children's Jewellery Company also sell gorgeous jewellery and hair accessories! Check out Harriet's website here -

Monday, 30 November 2009

40! And Past It???

I am perturbed! On having a general 'mummy chat' in the playground with regards to the future possibility of having more babies.... I was included in a 'friend's' and I use that term loosely, comment.. "When you get to 'our' (meaning herself and me) age, I think you're past it". Yes an off the cuff comment, with regards to her feelings on extending her family, however, I take a few issues...

1) I am 32 and not the 40 whole years which she is!

2) What kind of attitude is that to have!

Unusually, this comment has gotten me pondering, normally I am adept at shrugging off all the opinions & gossip of others, of which I seem to feature regularly! But this one sticks with me... and why? Is it because subconsciously ageing worries me? Is it because I am outwardly worried I am appearing to be 8 years older than what I am? Is it because yet again I am standing with a group of mummy's wondering what exactly makes some people just splurt out whatever happens to pass through their mind?

So after stamping home, checking thoroughly in the mirror for signs of wrinkles, the requirement for Botox, weighing up the possibility of needing a rejuvenating diet overhaul & intensive Private Benjamin style workout schedule... I decide the following (over I might add, a nice cup of tea & a homemade cookie)

I obviously come across to people as being wise & knowledgeable beyond my years, giving me a general air of wisdom, sophistication and grace! I need to choose more carefully with whom I stand with in the playground, therefore avoiding such public errors in future. Im also struck by how incredibly sad it must be to feel that at 40 you are past it! Babies, life, whatever?? I am genuinely hoping that by the time I reach the fabulous age of 40 Im still very much with it as apposed to past it!

... can't harm to drink a little more water though, maybe perhaps tone up a little... consume a few more antioxidants...

OR work on my left hook!